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Revolutionizing Sales Performance Tracking

What once took weeks and required a multitude of human efforts and meetings now unfolds effortlessly every day!

Sales Performance Reviews Now​

Sales Performance Reviews Now​


Acceleration with ​Revenue.AI​

Sales Performance Acceleration with ​Revenue.AI​

Shift from Manual to AI-Powered Real-Time Monitoring

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How it Works?

Reach your sales targets every single week. Prepare for reviews with automatic and always-ready data. Complete the review in just three days, and keep AI monitoring automatic and ongoing.


Track sales performance in real-time. Get the data you need. When you need it.

Revenue.AI Copilot Alert


Get alerts on sales KPIs and revenue impact affected by pricing, promo, portfolio, volume, or mix imbalances.


Sales variance uncovers precise issues impacting your sales performance. Get instant access to granular sales KPI data for categories, brands, and beyond. ​

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Price corridors maintain the balance between profitability and competitiveness, while benchmarking against competitors ensures market alignment.


Use AI based pricing simulators to build alternate pricing and sales plans that can pass a decision committee. Train the Copilot to monitor the plan.

Elevate Your Sales Strategy With Our AI-Powered Platform

Improve your sales performance by analyzing historical data. Next, use the multilayer of algorithms and AI to optimize all pillars of RGM:

  • Price
  • Promo
  • Portfolio or
  • Mix.

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Ever wondered how AI is shaking up agriculture commodity trading? AI, Predictive Analytics, and Intelligent Chatbots team up to create a winning formula for traders! From real-time market insights to automated trade settlement, explore how these cutting-edge technologies are reshaping the industry, giving traders a competitive edge and maximizing profitability.

How to stop losing revenue from negative mix effects

How to Stop Losing Revenue from Negative Mix Effects

Are you tired of losing revenue from negative mix effects? Are the majority of items in your portfolio drainers instead of profit drivers or accelerators? In this article, we’ll dive into ways of proactively managing revenue streams and maximizing your company’s revenue potential. We’ll show you how to take a more strategic and proactive approach to plan your mix and accompany it with the right pricing strategy.

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