Performance Tracking

Provides LEADERS and GENERAL MANAGERS with quick access to information on-the-go, saving time and effort


Using multiple dashboards and sources to monitor important KPIs is time-consuming and doesn’t provide business leaders with a comprehensive view of the company’s performance in real-time.

Revenue.AI driven impact

With no additional efforts, the consolidated dashboard is in front of you. The Copilot engine collects the dashboard and sends it to your WhatsApp/Teams any time you need it, providing immediate explanation and visuals. It is available for all internally developed dashboards as well as the insights generated by the RAI platform.

SOLUTION HAS TWO broader modules and services


Optimize your promotions via a holistic, promo calendar performance measurement with a pre-calculated, optimized discount level for all granularities.

Get recommendation for forecasted promo calendar for the future with inputs from P&L to find the right ROI balance between promo investments market share increase.

Our differentiation and unique proposition

self service

Augment platform capabilities with your own visuals and algorithms while using our Copilot and built-in Search engine capabilities

cognitive ai

Our AI learns from all the data stored in our platform, independent data stores and knowledge bases generating instant answers

capability growth

Extend team knowledge and provide instant access to any information available for our engine around pricing to accelerate team growth

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