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Inflationary Pricing

Overcome inflationary pricing challenges with AI pricing solutions.

Shift from Slow to Agile Inflationary Pricing

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How it Works?

Unlock inflationary pricing excellence with data-driven forecasting, real-time monitoring, dynamic pricing, and cost-efficient processes for precise and adaptable pricing strategies during economic inflation.


RAI DEX COPILOT can track all the internal documents stored in Confluence and SharePoint and alert on new documents that are scraped or uploaded to SharePoint about future inflation expectations.

Rai Dex Copilot Alert
Inflation Expectations Document


Review the newly added Inflation Expectation Forecast document.

Revenue.ai Copilot Alert


Run multiple inflationary pricing scenarios based on inflation expectations.

Analyze value, volume, and gross margin outputs in total and at the product level.

Share the three different inflationary price change scenarios with commercial leaders for their review and approval.

AI-driven Precision Pricing
Inflationary Pricing - Scenario Sharing via Bookmarks

Stay Ahead of Inflation with Cutting-edge Technology

AI can continuously monitor economic indicators and other relevant data sources, providing real-time alerts and insights for agile inflationary pricing adjustments.

Simulate different scenarios with AI to assess the impact of inflation on pricing strategies, then use these insights to develop contingency plans and strategies to counteract the inflation effects.

On top of that, it identifies which SKUs are more or less sensitive to price changes during inflation, allowing you to prioritize and adjust inflationary pricing strategies accordingly.

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