Profitable Mix

Unleash your business potential by accelerating the dynamic mix management from local to global. Go with the right mix decisions from a sales and profitability standpoint.

The Mix Management Challenge: Embracing A More Complex Reality

Factors such as the pandemic and global inflation, as well as economic and political crisis, are influencing a wide range of issues in the market today.

Not only is the rate of change in consumer habits and baskets unprecedented, channel allocation of sales volume, and with-it margin, is also increasing at an exponential rate.

Acting as catalysts, these factors force revenue managers to constantly search for the answer to the question, "Am I selling with the right mix?”


Revenue/Profit Variance Analysis

A holistic view of revenue and profit variance analysis so you can understand the sources of difference your main KPI had between two periods of time.

Mix Drainers / Drivers Overview

Proactively monitor how all products/brands/category/channel or even country level mix impact your revenue & profit. You will easily understand where your sources of profit are and where to take action to improve your mix.

AI-Driven Mix Optimization

Build recommendations to improve commodity strategy/procurement and to deliver long-term profits.


Augmented Analytics on-demand capabilities

Putting Big Data to effective use is difficult for many organizations. RAI (our AI-driven Digital Assistant) provides reports and analysis in plain human language along with clear charts that all stakeholders can understand. Interacting with RAI is as simple as asking a question or clicking on relevant follow-up questions.


Are we selling with the right mix?

How can I improve my mix to increase profitability?

What product should I launch to improve my mix?

Using sell out data, how are we performing against our competitors from a mix perspective?

RAI's intelligent alerts keep you posted on new opportunities/risks based on real-time data

The SKU YG5673947 150.0gr x1.0 has gained a 5.9% of volume mix inside the brand during the last four weeks. As the SKU is a drainer of revenue per unit, the average revenue per unit of the brand ABC has decreased by 2.6%.

Your biggest competitor for the category of Milk Chocolate has increased mix during the last four quarters.
Brand A has increased 2% of market share thanks to increasing weighted distribution. While Brand B has lost 5% in the last quarter due to a decreasing trend on the weighted distribution.

How can Profitable Mix add value to your Revenue Management?

Automated potential mix impact via your pricing scenario building

Proactively monitors how all the products /brands /category /channel and even country level mix impacts your revenue & profit

Identifies top performing SKU by channel and by retail

Notifies team members via alerting capability for any type of massive mix impact

Guides to the opportunities to maximize the mix

Receive real-time alerts and suggestions for optimization of your mix

Cloud Platform with AI-empowered Revenue Management

Cloud Platform for Revenue Management Automation in CPG ultimately resolves all issues that companies face when they struggle to optimize revenue based on hugely complex data.

Using platform requires zero manual efforts in data preparation and data cleansing.

The platform automatically aggregates multiple datasets e.g. sell-in + sell-out as well as omnichannel sales data. With the help of AI, your disjointed datasets become valuable history to build predictions for your pricing strategy.

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