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Capability Growth Copilot

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Combine all Your Data Sources for a Tailored Copilot User Experience

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How it Works?

Google-like freeform search interface eliminates the need for time-consuming scrolling and clicking, allowing you to find decision-critical information quickly. Copilot alerts keep you updated in real-time along with actionable recommendations.


Diverse company sources and inputs are connected into a one source of truth, such as:​

  • Company files, articles and presentations ​
  • Webinars, dynamic talks and videos​​
  • Excel sheets and other company materials ​
  • Events and trainings


Next, AI pipeline execution starts.

Capability Growth Copilot Database Indexing
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Resource understanding happens via:

  • Metadata extraction
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Understanding documents using LLMs, and
  • Finally, summarization for AI-enhanced cognitive search


The Copilot automatically updates the cognitive engine’s database with newly added materials, including summaries, keywords, and more.

Capability Growth Copilot Alerting


  • New insights are available via Copilot and Cognitive Widget. ​
  • Ask questions or receive intelligent notifications on topics of your interest. ​
  • The more you engage, the more tailored the recommendations become.​

Get More Done in Less Time with Capability Growth Copilot

Capability Growth Copilot employs an indexing technique to organize the data. Indexing is a method that structures the data to enhance the speed of retrieval. It creates a kind of roadmap to quickly locate and access specific information within a large dataset.

When interacting with Copilot through the chatbot interface or search bar, Copilot utilizes NLP, a subfield of AI, to understand and process human language.

NLP enables Copilot to comprehend your queries and respond in a way that mimics human conversation. It can interpret the context of the question, extract meaning, and provide relevant answers or information, making the interaction feel natural and user-friendly.

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