Promo Optimization

It helps the MARKETING TEAM manage promotional investments efficiently and strike the right balance between incremental sales and profitability pressure


Although the promo budget has been reduced compared to the previous year, the company still expects to achieve the same level of sales and market share.

Revenue.AI driven impact

With AI-augmented decisions, the company achieved the same results in net sales with a lower promo budget. Promo mechanism simulations against promo budget, weeks on promotions, and other parameters enabled fine-tuned simulations to be shared with the sales team that can then be converted into a recommended promo calendar and tracked/adopted based on ROI. The AI Copilot is helping on simulations, insight generation, relaying new policies, and tracking the changes.

SOLUTION HAS FOUR broader modules and services

Promotion Module

Maximize ROI for every promo mechanic and optimize your promo strategy, including market share improvement and profit optimization, in real-time.

Get recommendation for forecasted promo calendar for the future with inputs from P&L to find the right ROI balance between promo investments market share increase.

Our differentiation and unique proposition

self service

Augment platform capabilities with your own visuals and algorithms while using our Copilot and built-in Search engine capabilities

cognitive ai

Our AI learns from all the data stored in our platform, independent data stores and knowledge bases generating instant answers

capability growth

Extend team knowledge and provide instant access to any information available for our engine around pricing to accelerate team growth

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Managing Price Volatility and Seizing Arbitrage Opportunities with AI 

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