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Commodity Trading

Data Reconciliation

Grows capacity of BUSINESS CONTROLLERS AND MIDDLE OFFICER by eliminating manual data validation and email distribution activities


Business controllers must consolidate and manually validate the previous days’ prices before producing daily PnL and sharing it with the organization; due to manual tasks, this process is prone to human error and relies on individual capacity.  

Revenue.AI driven impact

The time required for data reconciliation between teams is reduced by 80%; team capacity regains by eliminating manual validation and email distribution activities; the price quality is guaranteed with systematic test cases, which mitigate the risk of human mistakes.

SOLUTION HAS three broader modules


Enabling you to use the latest unified prices from any exchange our pricing quality check & match on proprietary and stock / scraped data exchanges will revolutionize your team’s work. 

Quick and flexible pricing data quality management and unification on the whole portfolio while presenting the results on the simple diagnostics and with the intelligent alerts integrated by our Generative AI engine.

Our differentiation and unique proposition

self service

Augment platform capabilities with your own visuals and algorithms while using our Copilot and built-in Search engine capabilities

cognitive ai

Our AI learns from all the data stored in our platform, independent data stores and knowledge bases generating instant answers

capability growth

Extend team knowledge and provide instant access to any information available for our engine around pricing to accelerate team growth

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