Inter-departmental Cohesion

Take your promotional execution to the next level with in-depth insights into both your competitors and your own company.

Shift from Reactive to Proactive Promotional Execution

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How it Works?

Monitor competitor promotions with RAI Copilot, access insights, and explore new promo plans aligned with the market. Simulate new plan financial output, align on new plans, and manage budgets efficiently.


Copilot monitors your business KPIs and informs you of identified competitor promotional activity.

AI insights enhance teamwork and alignment, making it more informed, proactive, and agile, thus optimizing promotional execution and strategy effectiveness.


By proceeding to the platform, competitor activity and performance insights become available to you. Review the competitor promo calendar on the platform to grasp the market situation and which promotional execution strategy the competitor is using.

Revenue.ai Copilot Alert


Explore the recommendation for the new promotional execution plan with RAI Copilot, aligned with the new market situation. Review simulated incremental units and values.


RAI suggests a promotional duration for every product and calculates the financial results of the implementation plan. Details of the new promo plan are available for review.

Review alignment with planned promo budget. ​Increase efficiency with easy search and document-sharing.​

AI-powered Promotional Execution Agility

Harness the power of AI-driven data analysis and predictive modeling to forecast the outcomes of your promotional strategies, while assessing factors such as timing, pricing, and competition.

With AI, you operate in real-time, allowing you to make on-the-fly adjustments to underperforming tactics. As AI continuously learns from your results, it adapts its recommendations, ensuring ongoing optimization of your promotional efforts.

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