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Consumer goods & retail

X-department cohesion

Helps the RGM and FINANCE TEAM accelerate decision-making and link RGM strategy to daily execution


Every department in the company has its own agenda. Sales is busy with promos, marketing is launching new products, while finance tackles pricing. But the lack of a holistic approach means revenue management can’t be in the driver’s seat, thus negatively impacting your bottom line.

Revenue.AI driven impact

With the Global Revenue Portal and data availability tracked by an AI CoPilot, every change is monitored proactively, and decisions or new information are shared/found fast, enabling these changes to be implemented in the local strategy within days, as the local teams decide.

SOLUTION HAS FOUR broader modules and services

Pricing Module

Drive your revenue growth with AI-enhanced pricing that embraces your P&L statement and runs multiple scenarios to determine the right price for thousands of SKUs per distribution channels, in real time.

Run price harmonization by leveraging AI-unified online and offline data across your products/services, as well as competitor benchmarking.

Our differentiation and unique proposition

self service

Augment platform capabilities with your own visuals and algorithms while using our Copilot and built-in Search engine capabilities

cognitive ai

Our AI learns from all the data stored in our platform, independent data stores and knowledge bases generating instant answers

capability growth

Extend team knowledge and provide instant access to any information available for our engine around pricing to accelerate team growth

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