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Commodity Trading

In the global market for commodities, quick and informed decisions are crucial. To succeed as a commodities trading enterprise, you require data that is accurate, reliable, timely, well-documented, and organized, enabling you to make the right decisions promptly.

Streamline your pricing and maximize efficiency with cutting-edge technologies.

Revenue AI has developed Zeta Pricing Platform to help commodity trading businesses optimize processes for the middle office, risk management, and traders. Our solutions are powered by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies – enabling you to accelerate your trading journey and eliminate decision-making friction while simultaneously processing vast amounts of data in real-time, thus boosting profitability.


Less time spent

By leveraging systematic test cases, our platform ensures price quality and reduces manual tasks and data reconciliation time. This is achieved by eliminating the need for manual validation and email distribution activities, saving up to 80% time spent.


Reduced operational costs

Providing democratized data and insights and automatically sharing them with the entire organization, our platform makes it easier for your team to communicate fair value and streamlines the process, ultimately reducing operational costs by 50%.

Real time

Risk mitigation

Enforcing price quality through predefined rules that filter out false positives and detect outliers, our plarform helps proactive identification of real problems. By capturing outliers, the platform identifies patterns of repetitive issues, empowering organizations to take necessary actions.

Grow Teams Capabilities to Address commodity trading Challenges


Improving the way how daily P&L’s are generated. It is very common that this process is prone to human errors due to manual tasks, as well as time consuming due to required time for data reconciliation between the Middle Office/Business Controllers and traders.


Our platform utilizes systematic test cases to guarantee price quality for users, eliminating the need for manual validation and email distribution activities. This results in a significant improvement
in team capacity and builds trust in the data.


Commodity trading companies often face the challenge of having limited insight into the entire price management process, which can undermine their confidence in the quality of available data and hinder their ability to obtain timely information from traders for the purposes of calculating financial and market risks. The reliance on manual pricing lifecycles can make it difficult to seize market opportunities and generate revenue in a timely manner. Is it possible to streamline pricing management and mitigate the risk with help of AI-Tools?

Yes it is! We bring the power of AI together with deep domain expertise to help commodity trading companies recapture revenue growth potential.

With our turn key solution you can:

Enrich price data catalogue 3x faster

Faster collection and cleaning of historical market and internal cash prices to serve your back testing and analytical needs.

Reduce time to market by 10x

Faster rollout and delivery of prices while the curves are generated automatically in line with predefined KPI’s and MDM.

Reduce average cost by automation

Minimized manual lifecycle by automating decisions and the entire process from gathering the prices, to formalizing the curves.

Enhance your pricing journey with REVENUE.AI

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