Meet ZETA: Your AI Commodity Trading Intelligence Copilot.

Mastering Portfolio Optimization

Unlock the maximum potential for your SKUs with an
AI-powered PPA strategy!

Shift from Periodic to On-demand Portfolio Optimization

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How it Works?

Optimize your portfolio on demand with relevant insights for the right price positioning. Simply ask for the analysis and optimize your PPA strategy swiftly. Leave plan monitoring to AI.


Ask the COPILOT directly:
“I want to check PPA”.
Receive recommendations right away and start the PPA strategy optimization.

Packaging Type Analysis Revenue.AI Platform


Proceed to the platform via Copilot and analyze portfolio performance and landscape against market trends. Copilot Alert


Return to Copilot recommendations to proceed with the analysis. In the next recommendation step, compare your company’s value growth performance with competitors and market growth rates.

Value by Packaging Type Analysis Revenue.AI
Average Price vs. Volume Revenue.AI Dashboard


Build a PPA strategy for new product launches & delists. Share for approval. Train the Copilot for plan monitoring.

Proceed to pack price analysis, and drill down into categories, channels, and package types, to identify whitespace opportunities in portfolio optimization and pricing decisions. Gauge your performance against competitors.

PPA Strategy Done Right: Leveraging AI-Powered Insights

Pack and price architecture analytics are instrumental in:

  • Optimizing product offerings,
  • Understanding market dynamics,
  • Gaining a competitive advantage,
  • Ensuring the success of new product launches.

Access AI-powered insights that will enable you to make strategic decisions that lead to increased revenue and profitability.

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