Maximize ROI for every promo mechanic and optimize your promo strategy including market share improvement and profit optimization, in real-time

Promotions have become harder to manage with Omnichannel acceleration

With the increasing number of SKUs in dynamic online and offline channels, more and more efforts is required to find the right balance between incremental sales and profitability pressure.


Promo Analysis

Cross-chain analytics with benchmarking based on top-performing categories/retailers and an overview of the Market Landscape and Market Composition.

Promo Strategy

Build your game plan against the competition via promotions both offline and online by retailer and by brand.

Promo Calendar Optimization with AI

Optimize your promotions via a holistic, promo calendar performance measurement with a pre-calculated, optimized discount level for all granularities. Get recommendation for forecasted promo calendar for the future with inputs from P&L to find the right ROI balance between promo investments market share increase.


Augmented Analytics on-demand capabilities

Putting Big Data to effective use is difficult for many organizations. RAI (our AI-driven Digital Assistant) provides reports and analysis in plain human language along with clear charts that all stakeholders can understand. Interacting with RAI is as simple as asking a question or clicking on relevant follow-up questions.

Interacting with RAI is as simple as asking a question to your colleague or expert

What is the ROI of the promotional activities of my top / lowest SKUs?

How to increase ROI for the lowest SKUs?

By retailer, are some brands clashing being promoted at the same time?

Plan the promo calendar for brand A

RAI's intelligent alerts keep you posted on new opportunities/risks based on real-time data

Alert! The product ABC Chocolate Standard 400gr x 1 by Brand B has appeared with new activities in its promo activity, increasing its volume uplift by 6% and increasing its ROI by 7%.

Alert! Check the promo optimization recommendation for X Retailer for brand A on which you are losing market share.

How can Tailored Promotion add value to your Revenue Management?

Automatically calculate the ROI of promotional activities of top and lowest SKUs in line with promo investments split

Obtain recommendations on the most optimal timing to run promos with a holistic promo calendar measurement

Get accurate estimations of promo uplift in volume and value, and manage your budget investments efficiently

Detect the most effective promo discounts by brand and by retailer

Gain effective decision making for the future based on past performance tracking

Take advantage of the assessment of competitors’ promo activities

Cloud Platform with AI-empowered Revenue Management

The Cloud Platform for Revenue Management automation in CPG ultimately resolves all issues that companies face when they struggle to optimize revenue based on hugely complex data.

Using a platform requires zero manual effort in data preparation and data cleansing.

The platform automatically aggregates multiple datasets e.g. sell-in + sell-out as well as omnichannel sales data. With the help of AI, your disjointed datasets become valuable history in building predictions for your pricing strategy.

Tailored Promotion

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