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Retail Execution: Your Path to Retail Success

Enhance your profitability through real-time performance monitoring, strategic pricing, and optimal pack portfolio.

Mastering Retail Performance Through Price and Pack Size Intelligence

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How it Works?

Copilot monitors your retail performance in real-time ​against predefined targets, and benchmarks. ​Then, alerts you with relevant optimization steps.


Copilot helps you monitor overall sales, profit margins, and inventory turnover, with relevant retail performance alerts and recommendations.


Review real-time stock levels across products and categories.​

Assess stock turnover rates and identify slow-moving items.​

Revenue.ai Copilot Alert


Compare your company’s value or volume growth retail performance directly with competitors and market growth rates.

Actively identify potential losses via Copilot.


Uncover retail execution white space opportunities by drilling down into specific categories, channels, and package types within your portfolio for launching new categories and pack types to pinpoint opportunities for portfolio optimization and strategic pricing decisions within retailer categories.

Finally, set a new PPA and trade spend strategy accordingly.

Experience the AI-driven Retail Execution

AI in retail performance leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning to analyze vast sets of real-time and historical data.

By automating complex analyses and providing actionable insights, AI empowers retailers to make informed decisions swiftly, adapt to market changes, and optimize various aspects of their operations and performance for sustained success.

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