for AI-first agile transformation

Acts as a facilitator, coach and assistant, supporting teams in achieving their goals by automating Agile Best Practices within the Organization.

Ensure the success of AI adoption
within an enterprise-level solution
Single Source of Truth for
All Things Agile
Improve the ROI of your Agile Transformation with AI-driven automated usage of Agile Best Practices and knowledge within the Enterprise.
Real-time Notifications
for Quick Actions
Accelerate your Agile team and ensure unparalleled efficiency and accuracy with smart notifications and intelligent allerts
Agile Transformation
Evaluation Enablement
Inherent standardization and elimination of human bias in vital KPI reports increase confidence in Agile Transformation metrics
AI-driven Agile Copilot Features. Allie by Revenue.AI
Introducing Allie:

Agile Copilot

Allie is an Agile Copilot developed by Revenue.AI. This AI assistant is similar to Microsoft Copilot or ChatGPT, but it is designed for a particular use case—Agile Projects—and has several key differences that set it apart.
How Copilot Impact
Agile Workflow

AI-augmented Agile role sparked by the AI-driven technology revolution


AI-Augmented Scrum Master
Easily manages numerous Agile teams while increasing
accuracy of following sensitive Agile ceremonies


Supercharged Product Owners
Spends less time on backlog maintenance and become
proactive with smart notifications for quick actions


Data-driven Stakeholders
Speeds up decision-making and coordination with
real-time access to automated and consolidated reports
Single source of truth
and standardized approach
Revenue.AI’s cutting-edge Engine empowers Agile Copilot with seamless integration across all
tools and data sources, making it the go-to destination for knowledge, insights and actions.
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How it Works

Automate the utilization of Agile best
practices and knowledge.
Enterprise Apps

Allie connects seamlessly with Agile enterprise apps in real-time.

Enterprise Content

Documents, raw data, policies, BI reports, analytics. Allie works with it all.

Agile Methodology

As an Agile Copilot, Allie is trained in Agile procedures, and best practices.

Data & Agile Intelligence
Insight Flows & Real-time Intervention
Generative Insights via Agile-first GenAI
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Agile Copilot Q&A

We believe that cutting-edge technologies, which help to automate repetitive tasks and promote data-driven thinking, can enhance productivity and empower Agile teams. However, in reality, when considering GenAI trained on general data, we must acknowledge their susceptibility to hallucinations, rendering them unreliable for specific use cases such as Velocity Monitoring, Product Management or Backlog Quality Maintaining. Additionally, standalone GenAI tools are fragmented and cannot operate across multiple enterprise applications. They lack robust security measures, leading to the leakage of private data. All these issues necessitate significant customization, resulting in complexity and maintenance challenges.

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