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Business Cases



We have been approached by a big International soft drinks company (APAC regional management team). The promo budget grew a few times in the past few years, reaching 25% of revenue. At the same time, Market Share dropped by 7%.


There needs to be more understanding of the ROI of price promo. The price/promo strategy needs to be clearly defined and executed. There is only a link with what competition is doing on the market other than overpromoting them.



We have been approached by an international chain of 1700 Veterinary Clinics (in 5 countries) which has just bought its main competitor with 900 clinics (in 3 countries).


After acquiring its main competitor, which had 900 clinics across 3 countries, an international veterinary clinic chain with 1700 clinics in 5 countries faced the daunting challenge of integrating two sets of master data into a single system, monitoring and controlling the prices of services and medication across all 2600 clinics, implementing a new pricing strategy, reacting promptly to competitive moves, and assimilating a newly acquired team into its existing corporate culture.





commodity trading


We have been approached by one of the largest food processing and trading companies, performing globally in 7 regions with a $50bn revenue portfolio. 


With limited visibility on the overall price management process, the company couldn’t trust in data quality and retrieve timely information from the traders for financial and market risk calculation purposes. Manual lifecycle in pricing was making it mission impossible to act timely for any market opportunity to drive the revenue.


Why Revenue.ai?

No matter if you’re the CFO of a major corporation, Business Unit Leader or a Revenue Manager for a mid-sized business, Revenue.ai can help you overcome revenue management challenges more swiftly, effectively, and affordably

real-time interaction
real-time interaction
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сonnected with intelligent assistants providing immediate alerts and smart notifications due to real-time data curation and data enrichment
pricing transformation
pricing transformation
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growing digital commerce penetration and SKU growth requires a completely new way of price modeling and product tracking​
link strategy to daily execution
link strategy to daily execution
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build a strong connection between business strategies and everyday execution on the field with the Cognitive analytics suite addressing all pricing and RGM pillars
x-department cohesion
x-department cohesion
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bridge between Sales, Marketing, Commercial and Revenue Management to increase operational efficiency & productivity via business knowledge transfer
strategic focus
strategic focus
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the Intelligent Revenue AI Platform automates revenue decisions ​and empowers business leaders to focus on strategy
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Let’s take data-driven decision-making to the next level by continuously growing your core capabilities in pricing and revenue management with a power of AI.

Pricing Platform

Experience the Power of Next-Level Insights and Value Delivery with Our Augmented Analytics Solution

 Extract more value from your data and make better-informed decisions by providing faster, more accurate, and more accessible insights.

Instant Data Unification & M360 Layer

Break data silos and accelerate your decision-making with AI-driving data cleansing & unification

With the ability to merge internal and external datasets, the Platform provides you with omnichannel high-quality data for seamless meanwhile the costs of data curation are reducing

AI-driven Copilot & Dashboard Studio

Augment business teams’ productivity and build strong connection between business strategies and everyday execution on the field

Democratize access to data and insights, making it easier for anyone in the organization to leverage analytics to drive better business outcomes


The utilization of Artificial Intelligence has become an essential asset for any organization


With the massive power of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, every pricing and revenue management decision can be accelerated, optimized, automated, tracked or even executed by an AI-driven engine.
Harness the power of technology with Revenue.AI’s cutting-edge Platform and unlock unprecedented growth!

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