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Business Case

Instant Data Unification Case Study – Retail

Instant Data Unification Case Study – Retail

Instant Data Unification Case Study – Retail

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Instant Data Unification Case Study – Retail

The user and the challenge:

After acquiring its main competitor with 900 clinics across 3 countries, an international veterinary clinic chain with 1700 clinics in 5 countries faced the daunting challenge of integrating two sets of master data into a single system, monitoring and controlling the prices of services and medication across all 2600 clinics, implementing a new pricing strategy, reacting promptly to competitive moves, and assimilating a newly acquired team into its existing corporate culture.

Revenue.ai came on board, and this is what we did.

To tackle these challenges, Revenue.ai stepped in to provide a customized solution that would meet the client’s specific needs. The RAI DEX: NEXT GENERATION DATA STEWARD tool was utilized to clean, map, and match all data from both companies, while the RAI Base: AI Augmentation for Data Analytics was employed to develop a set of dashboards that catered to the company’s unique requirements.

In addition, Revenue.ai installed a digital module to ensure daily data scraping from competitors, an alerting system that would immediately notify the customer if pre-aligned KPIs were dropping below a threshold, and precision pricing and profitable mix modules to augment the development and execution of new pricing strategies.

The benefits

With the Revenue.ai solution, the client now enjoys a single source of truth and synchronized data across all clinics and geographies, supporting central decision-making. The platform and Virtual COE combination provide visibility, a unified pricing policy, and efficient price execution across services and medication. The alerting system enables prompt reactions to competitors’ moves, and the system also offers a foundational training resource for the professional development of existing and new staff.

The transformation has been remarkable, resulting in savings of over 1.3 million in just the first seven months since the project was deployed and a revenue growth of 7% versus the previous year, exceeding the market by 9%.

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