Meet ZETA: Your AI Commodity Trading Intelligence Copilot.


Long Tail Unleash

Empowers company portfolio management and helps RGM and MARKETING TEAMS identify potential stars by providing an accurate value assessment for each SKU


The amount of data and the number of SKUs make revenue management with a limited team of RGMs almost impossible. As a result, the team can only process 20% of the SKUs and not the ‘tail’. This leads to the company’s shrinking margins.

Revenue.AI driven impact

Automated pricing recommendations based on simulations for select brands/categories across retailers. Based on select rules entered and configured in the engine, pricing is set for the whole product selection, extracted to partners, and monitored based on incoming data by the AI copilot. Rules to follow include margin, volume, and competitor price corridors.

SOLUTION HAS FOUR broader modules and services

Pricing Module

Drive your revenue growth with AI-enhanced pricing that embraces your P&L statement and runs multiple scenarios to determine the right price for thousands of SKUs per distribution channels, in real time.

Run price harmonization by leveraging AI-unified online and offline data across your products/services, as well as competitor benchmarking.

Our differentiation and unique proposition

self service

Augment platform capabilities with your own visuals and algorithms while using our Copilot and built-in Search engine capabilities

cognitive ai

Our AI learns from all the data stored in our platform, independent data stores and knowledge bases generating instant answers

capability growth

Extend team knowledge and provide instant access to any information available for our engine around pricing to accelerate team growth

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Managing Price Volatility and Seizing Arbitrage Opportunities with AI

Managing Price Volatility and Seizing Arbitrage Opportunities with AI 

Explore how AI technologies, are reshaping commodities trading by aiding price volatility management and identifying arbitrage opportunities, highlighting the significant impact of advanced algorithms in streamlining decision-making processes and maximizing profitability amid fluctuating market conditions.

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