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commodity trading pricing

Eliminate decision-making friction and have instant access to commodity prices while processing vast amounts of data real-time. Our Generative AI-driven platform accelerates your trading decision journey

New way to find the insights

AI-Democratized access to your commodity pricing

Zeta Price Analytics

Access analytics instantly generated based on your preferences and price combinations. Using advanced mathematical concepts to help you to set prices that maximizes profits.

ZETA’s pricing engine takes into account all relevant factors in your business and makes sure that you are always optimizing prices at every point in time.

Cognitive engine that drives the impact

Intelligent Alerts

We enable your trading and middle offices to instantly interact with the market while our Intelligent Alerts are generating feedback and based on the Price monitoring you set up. Our Copilot technology will access the right team and provide them the input they need for instant decisions. Price Quality Issue? Data Issue? They all get to the right team instantly!

Insights Newsletter

Personalized newsletters to your team members. Automatic updates to the CFO on business status? Daily update for the Platform leads or the CEO? Our Generative AI engine and RAI Copilot will regularly update the team on what are the news on the pricing market.

Zeta Price Quality

Enabling you to use the latest unified prices from any exchange our pricing quality check & match on proprietary and stock / scraped data exchanges will revolutionize your team’s work. 

Quick and flexible pricing data quality management and unification on the whole portfolio while presenting the results on the simple diagnostics and with the intelligent alerts integrated by our Generative AI engine.

Let data work for you in real-time

Data Validation

We take data validation very seriously. That’s why we’ve implemented real-time price validation to ensure the accuracy and integrity of your price data. Our sophisticated systems constantly scan your data to detect price outliers and notify you immediately so you can make informed decisions based on reliable information

Data Monitoring

Our real-time monitoring system ensures that your data is always up-to-date and accurate. Whether it’s about master data accuracy or prices updated after cut-off time relevant to your PnL and reporting, you can be confident that we are closely monitoring and notifying you with no delay

Enhance your trading journey with cutting-edge technologies



any opportunity, focus on all products, categories and channels


access to information 10x


next best action and recommend ideal outcomes

more ai-driven products to boost your growth



Helps DATA SCIENCE TEAM accelerate the data curation and overcome every day challenge to match the historical data with master data



Pre-define and execute prices’ quality rules within the organization and help your MARKET RISK TEAM consume prices with a constant level of quality



Grows capacity of BUSINESS CONTROLLERS AND MIDDLE OFFICER by eliminating manual data validation and email distribution activities



Saves TRADERS’ AND ANALYSTS’ time and efforts on fair value market prices communication and meet all the deadlines and format requirements of the various receivers

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