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Pervasive AI engine at every part of your pricing journey

What is the best part of our product that customers love? It is not a black box!

Each of the layer interpretable and can be extended with best practice and approaches your company already have!

Explore the AI inside the Platform

Cognitive Insights

Find anything and get answers to any question simply by asking for it

Empower business users with an AI that can easily answer complex questions. It is directly connected to the organization’s knowledge base, datasets, and reports, ensuring that it is constantly updated with the latest information.
This allows users to stay up-to-date and receive the freshest insights.

With a RAI Copilot guiding with insights, users can access it from anywhere at any time, making it a convenient tool for those who need quick answers
on-the-go or detailed recommendations in-store.

The cognitive engine understands the user’s intent, not just the language, and learns from interactions to provide better answers on-the-go. Additionally, it helps with quick and native onboarding for any new user about the reports, frameworks, knowledge-based, etc.

Using Generative technology the cognitive engine generates all answers from any Dashboard / Simulation available instantly to the end users eliminating becoming a GPT technology for your Pricing and Revenue management.



Intelligent alerts and smart notifications

RAI acts as a copilot collaborating with the entire team and drive the positive impact

The AI-powered multi-level alerting engine drives decision flows using signal-based alerts, recommending intervention points and automating human decision flows.

Keeps tabs on unexpected trends and monitors for high volatility or extreme values in KPI time series. It quickly responds to market changes so that even the weak early market signals get noticed, securing margin growth strategy execution.

Sample recommendations include:

Machine Learning & Modelling

The AI engine provides users with hyper-accurate scenarios and simulations

The advanced ML algorithms are trained to analyze large datasets in real-time and identify patterns and trends that may not be easily visible through traditional analysis methods. With every data refresh and every policy change, the engine learns and recommends proactive insights.

Algorithms / recommendations include:

and many more

Data Enrichment & Global Market 360 data layer

instant access to any data that can be:

Our algorithms also harmonize automatically datasets from various sources such as POS, Price, household, e-commerce data, and any data from global providers open the possibility of deep-diving into analysis and comparing without putting in any manual effort or sacrificing time for data unification.

The 360 data layer design enables any kind of time-series based data analysis at any aggregate level enabling RAI platform to become the central client view for the company.

Scraped from the web

Loaded from Stock exchanges

So what can be uploaded into a 360 client view?

Price / Revenue data

Stock prices

Demand / Demand
forecast information

Customer feedback

Household info

Loyalty information

Possibilities 360

Harmonizing all of the datasets together with all the corporate metadata (product, location, customer, ect…) enables a global overview for all teams to have real-time insights.

Instant data curation algorithms detect and eradicate inaccurate, incomplete, or inconsistent data / warn users for faulty data loads so it boosts the accuracy and trustworthiness of data injected from different sources (client data, web scrapped data, data from data providers) in real-time.

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Real-time pricing based on instant market insights.



Gives you an overview of the composition of revenue and profit, and their changes year over year.



Harmonizes datasets from various sources in real-time and provides the user with a 360-degree view of the market 



Empowers company portfolio management and helps RGM and MARKETING TEAMS identify potential stars by providing an accurate value assessment for each SKU



Helps FINANCE and REVENUE MANAGEMENT team drive global strategy execution and analytics across the countries and regions

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