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Streamlining Mix Management

Stay ahead in shifting consumer preferences and market trends with a manageable AI-driven process.

Shift from time-consuming to streamlined mix management

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How it Works?

Balance your mix with real-time insights for the right price position. Receive imbalance alerts, optimize, monitor, and adjust effortlessly.


Copilot has been monitoring your business KPIs and will inform you of a negative shift in the revenue mix trend.

mix change KPI Revenue.AI Copiot Alert


Proceed to the platform via Copilot and proceed to the Revenue Mix Variance dashboard. Identify where the negative revenue trend is coming from.

Revenue.ai Copilot Alert


Identify sources of revenue decline by assessing brands and products with below-average revenue per unit.

Interact with data and assess revenue drainers and drivers at a glance.

Revenue.AI Pricing Simulator


Simulate & set a new pricing strategy. Bookmark & share for review.

Make automated mix management process a part of your routine with real-time data, and AI monitoring.

Stay Profitable in a Shifting Landscape with AI Insights

No matter if the mix imbalance is coming from:

  • changes in customer preferences,
  • shifts in market demand,
  • inefficient allocation of resources or something else.

With AI-driven insights, you can safeguard your profitability and take the right corrective actions before the impact hits your bottom line.

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