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Revenue Growth

Tap into niche markets and cater to consumers with unique preferences with our AI-powered long-tail management solution.

Shift from Time-Constraining to
Time-Enabling SKU analysis

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How it Works?

Use AI insights to quickly adjust to niche market demands and serve consumers with unique preferences. Optimize your pricing strategies and your product portfolio with AI.


Copilot regularly informs you of identified long-tail products’ pricing and product portfolio optimization opportunities.​


Proceed to the platform, and review long-tail products analytics.

Analyze price execution changes compared to last year for long-tail products.

Revenue.ai Copilot Alert


Download the data to Excel for convenient review.


Additionally, check historical price movements for stale products to understand the trends.

Make product delisting decisions.

Simulate price changes and build a new plan. Save the price increase plan, and share it with stakeholders for approval and execution.

Identify Hidden Opportunities with AI Long-Tail Insights

AI-driven long-tail insights enable businesses to navigate the expansive world of niche products and services, often overlooked by traditional methods, fostering a deeper understanding of their customer base.

In the age of digital commerce, the ability to identify these hidden opportunities with AI is a game-changer, enabling you to stay competitive, responsive, and in tune with the ever-evolving needs of your target markets.

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Build a PPA strategy for new product launches & delists. Share for approval. Train the Copilot for plan monitoring.

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