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Webinar Series: How AI is augmenting the Revenue Management in CPG and Retail



Webinar Series: How AI is augmenting the Revenue Management in CPG and Retail.

March 10th, 3 pm CET

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Gergo Fenyes

Data Science Lead at Revenue.AI

Benjamin Lesne

VP Revenue Management CPG & Retail at Revenue.AI

About the Webinar

Innovations and renovations are always on the hedge; it can take more than two years from conception until the first product hits the ground in stores. Multiple scenarios are required to define the right pack, with the right size at the right price in the right channel. These scenarios rely on a significant amount of data – including product master data, sell-in and sell-out data and shoppers’ surveys and insights – from various sources to ensure the right preparation process.

Once launched, innovations and renovations are difficult to track; channel strategy with both off-line and on-line pricing strategy can be jeopardized, most of the time due to price war. Having the right data at the right moment on hand is critical to make a decision very quickly to continue to win versus competition.

In this context, Data management must be considered as a strategic asset to ensure accurate preparation, implementation and monitoring.

Our webinar will address the following questions:

– How the data collection, cleansing, unification between offline and online sources could be enhanced with artificial intelligence?

– How prices can be tracked very quickly (even on a daily basis) to anticipate potential pricing corridors risks?

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