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Today’s turbulent market is rattling many Retailers and CPG companies. As technology evolves, so does the means of navigating uncharted markets. This holds true in Revenue Management (RM). More sophisticated tools are available to unlock the ever-expanding pool of market and customer data. Most traditional RM tools struggle to provide last quarter’s data. But, Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Assistants are able to unlock the potential of that data, so you can make and execute highly-informed decisions in real-time.

Revenue.AI and RapidMiner would like to show you how.

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What is Revenue Management in a Nutshell?

Revenue Management is the process of achieving the optimal price for every product in your portfolio, via any channel and retailer, to continuously expand your loyal customer base.

It is a continuous process that aims to find the ideal answer for any scenario, factoring both non-promoted and promoted pricing strategies relative to your competitive landscape.

AI for RM Webinar Overview

The webinar is a joint presentation by RapidMiner and Revenue.AI. RapidMiner has nearly 20 years of experience as a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence platform. Revenue.AI is a new On-Demand RM Growth Management Platform.

We place an AI-enhanced Digital Assistant by your side, to empower you to make instant decisions in a global market, based on real-time data.

Key Points

Presented By

  • Istvan Czilik, CEO, Revenue.AI
  • Scott Barker, Senior Director of Product Marketing, RapidMiner
  • Dr. Martin Schmitz, Head of Data Services, RapidMiner

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