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Digital Channel RGM

An instant Data Unification Engine powered by a Copilot that consolidates data from digital channels enabling well-informed RGM (Revenue Growth Management) decisions.

Data Stewardship Copilot: Your RGM Decision-Making Foundation

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How it Works?

Feed your decisions with data-driven insights via an AI-driven data unification engine that can consolidate and unify all digital data for you.


Copilot collects data from various sources, then integrates and unifies data fields.

Digital channel RGM: Collecting data
AI-driven digital channel RGM: instant data unification process


AI algorithms detect and correct errors, find inconsistencies, and duplicates. Next, data is validated to meet quality standards and reduce inaccuracies. Full visibility of data quality throughout the entire process is provided.


Copilot collects requested data automatically from the web. Next, data is enhanced with web-sourced information. Finally, data quality is reported to data stewards for approval.


Unified data is readily accessible for analysis and decision-making, and you have a single source of truth for your data. Additionally, you can always review data insight computations.

Elevating RGM Decision Quality with a Copilot

AI-driven Copilot ensures data accuracy and consistency, vital for decision-making in pricing, product mix, and promotions. Real-time data updates and integration provide a current, comprehensive view of operations, incorporating sales and market trends, enhancing decision quality.

The Copilot also uses AI to ensure precise commodities price data, reducing market risks.

It streamlines data management, saving time, reducing errors, and boosting decision-making confidence, all with the same headcount.

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