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Maximizing Your RGM Potential

Leveraging Revenue.AI’s Platform without compromising your previous investments
and accelerating pricing and capability growth, to become a truly proactive RGM leader

Have you?

Already made an investment in RGM reports, algorithms, or data?
Begun rolling out some of the pillars?
Have an extensive capability growth material from the past you would like to reuse?

Or just would like to

Keep working on strategic elements independently for quick interchangeability
Add your own data with teams that already work on data to further enrich your insights
Or just keep most of the things in-house?


Our approach enables you to easily reuse / exchange almost all elements of the platform and we are more than willing to train your team how to do it as well! Here are some sample scenarios that demonstrate the flexibility of our approach:

Proactive User Engagement and Visualizations

Add seamlessly your own visuals OR integrate your existing PowerBI / Tableau / other reports into the platform to create seamless User Experience

Our platform uses AI to learn about your reports and analysis, enabling us to provide a consistent ALERTS and MONITORING ecosystem that leverages familiar visuals for your teams.

Combining ML Engines into RGM Reports

Reuse our predictive models and visualizations in your own reports while learning from them. Upgrade them as per your specifications to take greater control of additional datasets you might wish to use to enable better insights

Easily push upgraded algorithms back into any country or region, ensuring that you can operate on a global scale with ease

Build a copilot just for your team combining your knowledge bases and simulations

Roll out new policies – decision points – updates automatically while also building a robust price monitoring ecosystem.

Enable a data quality engine to upgrade data cleaning with a virtual data steward, all this while making sure that all of the capabilities are instantly made available for all of the teams at their own level. Regionally or Locally.

Combine your existing data layer with our data scraping engine to enable 360-degree view of the market

Load digital and brick & mortar data from any source to our data layer, which our data unification engine will seamlessly merge with the data we are scraping from any other vendor, partner, or source.





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