RAI Price Framework: Tailored Roadmap for Price Data Transformation

Understand Where to Play and How to Win with RAI Price Framework

Establish price data management practices into your business that enable your price business transformation.

In the commodity trading industry, prices are driving most of our decisions.

Having been so wildly used and diverse, centralizing and normalizing prices to leverage the full potential across your organization becomes very challenging. It is getting even more complicated if you operate in silos in global footprint organizations.

We will help you understand where to play and how to win with our solutions and expertise.

Creating a centralized single source of truth will bring you 4 major benefits:

Enforce Internal Controls

Enforce your Internal controls on your core data to produce: MTM, VaR, IPV,…

Gain Productivity

Gain on productivity by automating operational activities: manual price collection, reporting.

Acquire Insights

Acquire data insights by being able to decompose and analyze healthy historical prices.

Gain Control On Costs

Gain back control on costs by rationalizing Data licence and Providers: Bloomberg, Reuters, Baltic, Platts, ICE

Strategic Transformation:Transforming the company into a data-driven organization

RAI Price Framework in Action

RAI Price Framework aims to provide you with an approach to identifying and executing Strategic Transformation on price data assets successfully.

Want to Accelerate Your Price Roadmap ?

The Integration Playbook is a framework for identifying how to win on any business, with a clear roadmap for implementation. It focuses on business transformation and monitoring adoption, using the core pillars of technology,
people, data, and routines. It helps define key success factors and build a success formula through a predefined methodology for implementation.

Enforces the team alignment upfront by predefining the roles and responsibilities throughout the implementation

Eliminates the requirement for building artefacts for each milestone by addressing the key success factors upfront

Provides scalable capacity and predictable resource allocation by touching the main organizational pillar through learnings

Helps paving the way for a scalable and full proof integration implementation eliminating the reinventions and microdetail management

Phase 1: Initial business assessment
Identify the current prices used by the business, their lifecycle, and challenges.
Phase 2: Gap Analysis and Governance
Run a gap analysis to determine if the current ecosystem accommodates the business’s needs. Bring the core open points to the governance and steer decisions.
Phase 3: Preparation
Build the requirements in your ecosystem, enrich Master data, and acquire 3rd party data. Define the rollout plan.
Phase 4: Rollout & Hypercare
Move the business into the target model. Constantly measure the adoption rate and be reactive in case of any deviation.
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Working with RAI Price Framework will bring you:


With a reduction in your time to target, you will not start from a blank page alone; we know where to start and where to go.


Simplified decision-making by having price experts providing you options.


Maximum visibility on the upcoming milestones, dependencies and deliverables.


Our price market data expertise makes the most appropriate choices to purchase data.


Pre-build tools to enforce your end-to-end internal controls.

To start the journey, we are here to help you to run an initial assessment and deliver:

  1.  Identification of your top 3 potential Price business cases
  2.  Definition on what needs to be true to enable those business cases
  3.  Potential solution approaches to serve them with high level integration strategy

One of the great use cases is what we have achieved in close collaboration with our partner Louis Dreyfus Company, through a centralized analytics platform.

Pinar Dolen, CDO of LDC and our CEO, István Czilik talked about “How Centralised Analytics Platform & Strategy Can Enable Future-Proof Pricing”.

Listen to the story and discover how we’ve addressed the following challenges:

👉 How artificial intelligence can drive business decisions?

👉 How do I trust my pricing and my data sources?

👉 How can I roll out the pricing to downstream systems?

Empower Your Growth and Transform Your Price Framework with AI Augmentation

With the help of our solutions and experts, your revenue is now more achievable! Revenue AI technologies improve your revenue with tailored data management and price transformation solutions to help you meet your long-term needs. See how we can add value to your business’ success.

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