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Revenue.AI is Presenting at the ZEMA-hosted Virtual Global Tech Summit 2024

Revenue.AI at the Global Tech Summit 2024
Istvan Czilik, CEO, and Ricardo Afonso, VP of Commodity Trading at Revenue.AI, will explore AI transformation for energy and commodities markets at the virtual Global Tech Summit 2024 hosted by ZE.

About the Virtual Global Tech Summit 2024

We are thrilled to be a part of this fourth, ZE PowerGroup (Zema)-hosted, virtual summit, which is centered on the state of the world’s energy and commodities markets. This is your opportunity to learn about the most recent developments, perspectives, and trends influencing these industries.

You can expect to gain invaluable insights from industry experts to navigate the complexities of the energy and commodities markets effectively. Regardless of your experience level in this fast-paced field, the Global Tech Summit 2024 is guaranteed to provide you with the information you need to recognize opportunities and reduce risks.

"I'm happy to speak about how AI and commodities interconnect with our partner ZE PowerGroup and Ricardo Afonso. Next week, we are looking forward to a very exciting virtual event that will feature Revenue.ai innovations as well. Aiman El-Ramly, thanks for the invitation, and Michelle Mollineaux for making it happen!"

Come see us at the virtual ZE PowerGroup (Zema)-hosted Global Tech Summit 2024​

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your understanding and grow your network in the energy and commodities space.​

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