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Release Train Engineer

Location: Remote 

We are seeking an Agile Coach to drive Agile transformation for our clients. You should also be able to act as a Release Train Engineer.  

Role overview 

  • Participate in Agile transformation projects for our customers 
  • Act as an SME on Agile methodologies, frameworks, and practices  
  • Assess the agile maturity of the teams and proposing the solution accordingly  
  • Implementing Scrum, Kanban and SAFe from scratch and coach through various training programs to ensure adoption of the principles, tailoring the program per the observed need  
  • Setting and measuring the Agile metrics to measure the adoption of agile ways of working  
  • Ensure project artifacts standardization (epics, features, stories, etc.) according to the defined framework  
  • Work with the various company level stakeholders on resolving any issues and identifying ways of improvement  
  • Synchronize all teams to develop a fixed cadence with clear objectives, and deliverables to align strategy with execution  
  • Ensure that dependencies are assessed and actively managed to reduce delivery-related risks 
  • Manage and optimize the flow of value through the ART using various tools, such as the Program Kanban and other information radiators. 
  • Establish and communicate the annual calendars for Iterations and Program Increments (PIs). 
  • Facilitate PI Planning readiness by fostering a Continuous Exploration process that drives the synthesis of a Vision, a Roadmap, and Backlogs, and through Pre- and Post-PI Planning events. 
  • Facilitate the PI planning event and summarize Team PI Objectives into Program PI Objectives, ensuring visibility and transparency. 
  • Assist in tracking the execution of features and capabilities to ensure timely delivery. 
  • Facilitate periodic synchronization events, including the ART sync, to foster collaboration and alignment across teams. 
  • Assist with economic decision-making by facilitating feature and capability estimation by teams and the roll-up to Epics, where necessary. 
  • Coach leaders, teams, and Scrum Masters in Lean-Agile practices and mindsets. 
  • Help manage risks and dependencies, escalating and tracking impediments to ensure their resolution. 
  • Provide input on resourcing to address critical bottlenecks and ensure efficient delivery. 
  • Encourage collaboration between teams and System and Solution Architects/Engineering. 
  • Work with Product and Solution Management, Product Owners, and other stakeholders to help ensure strategy and execution alignment. 
  • Improve the flow of value through value streams by assessing and enhancing DevOps and Release on Demand practices.

We believe that you’ll enjoy this role if you are / have 

  • Strong leadership and facilitation skills with the ability to guide and engage teams effectively. 
  • Excellent communication and stakeholder management skills, with the ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and facilitate decision-making processes. 
  • Strong problem-solving and critical thinking abilities to identify and address risks, dependencies, and impediments. 
  • Proven track record in building collaborative relationships and fostering teamwork across different roles and functions. 
  • Dedication to continuous learning and improvement, with a commitment to staying up to date with Agile practices and industry trends. 
  • Advanced English language skills.   
  • Previous experience working in a startup environment, or similar fast paced, entrepreneurial environments. 
  • Previous experience working remotely. 

What you’ll need to be successful 

  • Proven experience as an Agile Coach/ Sr. Agile Project Manager/Release Train Engineer or similar role in an Agile/Scrum environment.   
  • Experience with Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)  
  • Previous experience working in client-facing roles. 
  • Proficiency in using Agile project management tools, Kanban boards, and other relevant software. 
  • Solid knowledge of software development processes and release management best practices. 

Benefits of joining us 

  • You will share a next-generation vision and mission through our revolutionary, Digital Assistant for Revenue Management. You will have a purposeful job in our fast-growing environment where we will build something amazing together!    
  • You will enjoy the comfort, convenience and flexibility of being able to work from home. Most people find telecommuting enables them to be more productive – it improves their quality of work while reducing stress and distractions. You will also appreciate avoiding traffic, wear and tear on your vehicle, and help reduce carbon emissions in the process.  
  • Even when you work hard, you will still have time for your personal life due to flexible working hours based on core time.  
  • You will work in a flat and flexible organization where every team member has access to any team member. Working on exciting projects independently, while closely connected with leading, super cool and talented international experts encourages everyone to think outside the box and gain new experiences.  
  • You will have the collaboration and support of the team whenever you need it.  
  • You will enjoy the practicality of an easy-to-use digital workspace.  
  • You can rely on us for anything right from your first day, and we will in turn also trust you to the utmost extent.  
  • And you will find opportunities to have fun together with colleagues through (mainly virtual) team activities.   

What to expect after applying for this job? 

If you are selected to proceed to the interview process, you will hear from HR soon. Before the first introduction with HR, you will receive a candidate deck where you will find detailed information about the next steps of the hiring process. 

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