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May 24, 2022


2nd EPP FMCG Pricing Forum, 2022

Democratize your Revenue Management with the Virtual Center of Excellence

How can AI-powered solutions like ChatGPT increase organizations’ margins? In dialogue with business concerns.


Benjamin Lesne

VP Revenue Management

Democratize your Revenue Management with the Virtual Center of Excellence

Revenue AI’s virtual Agility Centre of Excellence (vACE) serves as the engine driving the adoption of Revenue Management best practices in an organization. We believe that excellence can be achieved by applying the same behaviors and practices across teams.

At Revenue AI we provide customers with powerful tools and accompany them on their journey.

We continuously pave the way for your transformation so that you identify the optimum tools and processes to realize your strategy.

During the 2nd EPP FMCG Pricing Forum our VP Revenue Management CPG and Retail Benjamin Lesne demonstrated a whole new direction of RGM CoE, that is future-proof!

Listen to the story and discover how to:

👉  Transform your RGM journey to accelerate both sales and profit.

👉 Clean Data (sell in – sell out, on & offline) through data consolidation to data-driven insights.

👉  How price alerting, building scenarios and recommendations will accelerate with the virtual CoE (Pricing, Promotion and Mix).

👉 5% to 7% incremental profit enablement with the virtual CoE.

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