Transformation Consulting

The road to having a Revolutionary AI driven Revenue Management, that will survive the challenges of 2020s is difficult and bumpy.

​​We have heard this from our clients all too often. Our team of experts and our vision will help you to deliver the results to your colleagues and your organization.

Does not matter at what stage you are today, if you are struggling with Data or Integration OR Organization transformation we will help. And it will feel like a HYPERJUMP

Our Consulting Service Pillars





…. all boosted by our Revenue.AI Intelligent Assistant

Chat & Messages Alerts ! It tells you what you need to know , when you do not expect it!

Training Free Approach to Ease Access to the Information: just talk to it!

Team Augmentation & Productivity Speed Up Experience: it does not sleep and is always available!

Revenue Management is changing. If you want to stay ahead of the curve then shoot for:

  • Real Time. You win because you receive and analyze data in real time. No more weekly, monthly reports from your data distributors. You do not care when the latest sales data is due, because it is already there.​


  • ​​Omnichannel Pricing provides a competitive advantage on the market. It’s possible because online and offline ata are combined. ​


  • Labor-intensive analytics is automated. Your teams are augmented by AI technologies to be able to focus on strategy. Focus change from 80% tactical to 80% strategy in everyday work.​


  • All users have Information at their fingertips, they do not spend time searching​


  • The company has Revenue Management Strategy to focus immediately on connecting to daily execution and field work.​


  • Data science and machine learning bring real benefits thanks to Big Data. It operates like advanced analytics with a focus on ALL products, categories and channels, including Long Tail and small clients.​


  • A proactive virtual assistant which distributes proposals, insights and recommendations to all users across all Revenue initiatives. If integrated into the decision stream, it can also measure the efficiency of decision making for future recommendations​

We are thrilled to support you on your Revenue Management Transformation journey!

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