The data stewards face a roadblock to success – a lack of support and tools for their roles. So, here I am, a brain the size of a planet to respite you with your data.

The challenges of data stewardship

  • The number of data objects and data sources users are forced to search through is becoming unmanageable.
  • Corporate data volumes are increasing 50+% every month and its not possible to resolve without AI to find the right answers

Maintaining clean data and single canonical models limits the usability of several datasets because organizations are unable to provide a single source of truth even for relatively “simple” objects like products or customers across the various systems

What can be achieved with an AI-driven data steward on board?

Create transparency on data objects for business users

Save effort on data handling across organization

Increase data usage across teams in an organization

Change the Game with Automation

  • Building a data-driven organization where real-time data unification is part of the business standards


  • RAI Dex is able to merge internal and external datasets with automated pattern matching for any Master Data object driving a single source of truth

Help Teams to Do More

  • Ensures data “findability” for any data object
  • Provides data “news” on all critical information required by data
  • Ensures that data and data product updates are properly maintained
  • Accelerates access to the right information for every team member based on their roles (RACI)

Say no more. I see you are excited, let me show even more!

RAI Dex data acquisition engine

The widest reuse of unified master data information through a seamlessly integrated AI Data Steward with multiple data sources

Break data silos with RAI DEX connected to all data sources

Make it easy to search and discover your data through a globally unique and persistent identifier with rich metadata

Will RAI Dex replace human data stewards? No. But will increase their capacity significantly!

RAI Dex provides data stewards with a real-time data catalog and accuracy that only AI can achieve with Search and Change tracking features

RAI Dex helps users to understand Master Data Canonical Models and historical data loads, user access, and usage summaries with minimal effort

RAI Dex is able to onboard, train, and supervise any number of users about organizational data standards and best practices for growing data capabilities

Breaking the barriers: 5 reasons to Integrate RAI Dex into the enterprise system

AI-augmented conflict resolution for data cleansing & unification

Transfers data into unified and analysis-friendly format

Searches through large datasets & portals to find relevant information

Automated intelligence replaces repeatable tasks and reduces 90% of operational costs

Unified data catalog & knowledge sharing ecosystem

You want me to demonstrate my genius? OK, talk to my people. They’re always happy to talk about me.