RAI Base: AI Augmentation for Data Analytics​

Democratize Access to Data Business Needs with RAI Base

Establish Data Management practices or standards into your business that support and align teams.

Does your business need reporting in its complex data environment? There is so much information out there, and I bet it is a daunting task of where to start.

Rushing to get reports ready by the deadline does not help when there is so much data to work through. Finding bits of data scattered all over the place! Where are you currently finding your data? Are you able to see it in a single dashboard with being able to draw a meaningful report? The solution? Integrate RAI Base into your business to implement a clear data analytics strategy.

Having trouble to hire the right amount of people?

Knowledge is lost in the company?

Too many updates and difficult to find the right reports?

Multiple reports across the enterprise?

RAI Base / Core Data Analyst

Meet RAI Base, a smart AI reporting analyst, diving deep into analytics, solving mapping problems, and navigating across reports on a real-time basis. 

With his comprehensive intelligence derived from machine learning, he provides a central place/hub for all relevant information for any reporting. He sits in the background and constantly crunches data that help drive decision-making at any stage of the business requirements. 

RAI Base acts as an intelligent assistant between all platforms to ensure that every report is up-to-date and every stakeholder can gain access to the needed dashboards. As a result, key users are able to have their reports ready in real-time, instead of waiting for their analysts to finish them.

RAI Base the core analyst, data analytics


Time-Saving with RAI Base

With RAI Base, we estimate a reduction of 1-2 hours / week / user in non-productive idling. That means, you can increase your productivity in line with 90% time-saving.

RAI Base Connects You With Your Data​

Reasons to Integrate RAI Base into Your Business

New users need to participate in training to get access to the tools​

New features are announced in mails rarely been read

Adoption is low due to the technical knowledge needed to use the tools

Portals are driving knowledge share passively

How RAI Base Works?

At a glance, RAI Base is an intelligent assistant that integrates with your team’s current messaging systems, allowing you to speak naturally to the chatbot and receive answers from any data source in your data lake. Interacting with him is as simple as typing in a question to your colleague and hitting enter. Once a query is submitted, he instantly responds with an answer and a visual representation.


Speed Up Access to Information

RAI Base has a complete set of database concepts, including a deep explanation of how to define business logic, data analytics and structure, and specific terminology. This allows him to understand what you’re asking for when you message him and return the exact results you need. He can process natural language processing and uses machine learning to create and maintain the 360° view of key data objects. In this way, data analytics and quality enforcement and maintenance are autonomously enabled.


RAI Base Sends Notifications

RAI Base can send users constant updates about new report features or disrupting business news that may affect the team. Key users can subscribe for notifications on any price volume / value / price or other KPIs for any channel and category of their own or competitors’ product ecosystem.

In addition, RAI Base has built-in buttons that can be used as multiple-choice questions—for example, if a stakeholder wants to learn the most effective promotions based on a particular metric, they would be able to ask RAI Base and he will return buttons with which exact platforms they are asking for.


Develops data analytics and data collection systems that optimize efficiency with its backend

Creates immediate reports and analysis on your product portfolio as well as the competitors

Enables daily updates for all team members and builds departmental cohesion

Alerting on price changes based on past queries / team composition

Learns and saves mostly used report filters automatically for continuous use

Learns user behavior and provides personalized recommendations

Empower Your Growth and Speed Up Access to Information 10X with AI Augmentation

With the help of our solutions and experts, your revenue is now more achievable!

Revenue AI technologies improve your revenue with tailored data management solutions to help you better understand your customers. See how we can add value to your business’ success.

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