Artificial Intelligence and the Future Ahead

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly integral to our daily life. Siri allows you to make calls, check the weather, and send money on the go, while Alexa orders your groceries and controls your smart home devices. It’s likely that AI is the most disruptive technological advancement since the Industrial Revolution.

From recruitment and onboarding to training and development, AI is playing a pivotal role in every industry. AI technology is increasingly indispensable to achieving and sustaining a competitive edge. Most recently AI personal assistants have become the most sought-after forms of AI technology to augment existing business processes within the organization:

  • to take over mundane tasks
  • to simplify and to digitalize customer service interactions
  • to enhance products or services with AI technology.

Wouldn’t it be handy if you could adapt and integrate AI features into your business processes too?
You are not inventing a bicycle, but why shouldn’t your business take advantage of what’s already available?


So how can Revenue.AI Intelligent Assistant enhance your Revenue Management (RM) processes?


We believe that the main idea behind AI integration today is augmentation – marrying up machine learning algorithms and AI-powered solutions to increase productivity and to help you do your job more efficiently. For example, Revenue.AI’s Intelligent Assistant will be able to monitor your closest competitors and collect real-time data about the latest changes in consumer preferences to proactively alert you of important market developments or announcements. High workflow turnover is a common problem across many organizations today, however, with the help of an Intelligent Assistant its impact can be minimized by passing on skills and experience to prospective employees who will follow in your footsteps. Revenue.AI Digital Assistant will take over a big chunk of the routine aspects of your role, leaving you to do what humans do best – strategic decision-making, which is essentially a fine balance of critical thinking and creativity.

Business is happening now, so it is essential to have advanced RM processes in place to collect and analyse real-time data in this very moment to convert business challenges into new opportunities.
Revenue.AI’s Intelligent Assistant will pull the necessary information that is collected and analysed in the background in a matter of seconds, substantially reducing human error probability. Our unique self-service analytical platform aggregates multiple sources of data in one place, substantially reducing the time spent on data collection and validation, which makes revenue management processes more agile and effective. Revenue.AI’s Intelligent Assistant presents information in a very concise and user-friendly way, allowing you to gain valuable insights in a matter of seconds.

Having access to real-time analytical insights “on the go” is perhaps one of the key features that truly sets the Revenue.AI Personal Assistant apart from the rest of the market. This feature is especially neat during business trips and prospective client meetings – you don’t have to go to the office and fetch information from your desktop, Revenue.AI’s Digital Assistant is readily available on a mobile device. Having up-to-date information about the state of your business at the click of a button substantially reduces the time needed to make strategic decisions or find a solution in an emergency, allowing you to act on data almost immediately. Revenue.AI Intelligent Assistant also offers a guided framework by helping you navigate through myriad analytical insights and by making prominent ‘next step suggestions’ to get the most out of AI technology.

It is our responsibility to know our business and how it’s evolving, but we will not be able to advance unless we educate ourselves about the technologies shaping our present. Only then can we make informed decisions that will transform our future.

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