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3 Reasons Why to Use Pricing Alerts in Commodity Trading

Is the constant vigilance of the commodity market wearing you down? How much would it help your commodity trading business if you knew exactly when prices dropped or hit support and resistance levels?

Staying on top of fluctuating prices can be exhausting, especially when you have to personally verify each change and make your own trading decisions. You can’t just sit and wait for the price to drop, hit support or resistance levels, or cross a breakout. You need to act fast and smart to buy/sell your commodity.

Knowing the current market price and where it’s heading will make you a better trader. The problem with traditional commodity trading methods is that they often require you to constantly be checking up on market prices to ensure that they don’t go too far out of alignment with your expected range. However, this isn’t always feasible for people who have other commitments or responsibilities outside of their business.

Running a commodity trading house is no easy task. You might be trading oil futures for a client in China or trying to ensure natural gas supply for the next winter. But one thing’s for sure: you need prices. Fast. If you’ve ever been on the phone with a trader, you know that they have a lot of information to take in very quickly. This can be done through dashboards or reports; however, these solutions are not always the most efficient for traders on the go.

Virtual Assistants for Commodity Trading World

That’s where virtual assistants come in handy, helping you access the latest prices on your radar. Being able to learn these prices is key to success—but it all starts with having quick and efficient access to that information. That’s what makes virtual assistants such an important tool! Luckily, Revenue AI’s intelligent assistant Zeta can take care of everything from monitoring trends in the market all day long so that she sends alerts when there’s something important worth knowing about.

You might be wondering why we’re talking about virtual assistants here, but stay with us. With Revenue AI’s virtual assistant Zeta, you can get alerted to any price from any channel, whether it’s corn collected by a field analyst and entered into the central repository or the price of iron ore in Brazil.

Zeta – Price Alerts for Trading

Zeta has been designed to assist you in every step of your trading journey. The Zeta Platform builds analytics on the fly to make sure that you are always optimizing prices at every point in time. She not only gives the trader an overview of their competitors’ current prices, but also a full analysis of their pricing strategy. She gives you a quick, versatile, and simple way to assess the validity of your portfolio’s price data.

Besides all these, Zeta is a platform for commodity trading that offers price and volatility alerts to its users, and Zeta’s price alerts are an indispensable tool for any trader. She allows you to know when the prices of your chosen assets have gone up or down and make a decision at the right moment. Price alerts, which are basically notifications, exist to help traders stay on top of their game by letting you know when certain values have been reached by a stock or other asset. In this way, she acts like your little helper, letting you know when it’s time to buy or sell.

Why Use Zeta, the Intelligent Assistant?

With so many other resources out there offering price information, why should you trust an intelligent agent to provide alerts? Below are 3 reasons why.

1- Zeta is smart enough to know precisely where you are in the market

Zeta allows you to act timely and gain more money while ensuring the profitability of the trading itself. The Revenue AI team has found that this has helped traders make smarter, more profitable decisions than they would have made without our help.

2- Get notified of market movements instantly

With Zeta, there is no need to waste your precious time waiting for the target price to be reached—get notified of market movements instantly! With Zeta, you’ll never miss a trading opportunity again. She will ensure your team is equipped to anticipate market changes and to immediately alert you based on the most recent trends at any point in time anywhere in the world!

3- Ability to set target prices

You’re about to see how Zeta can change your trading experience forever by replacing all of the clutter that is trending and breaking news with meaningful alerts for commodity trading opportunities. Now, whenever a new price in your target is reached for an asset that you’re invested in, Zeta will send you a notification so that you can immediately act on what’s happening in the market.

Simply set your target price, and Zeta will alert you the moment it’s reached! That’s right — Zeta has your back, even when you’re away from the office.

Zeta Is Transforming The Commodity Trading Market, Helping Traders Find and Act-On Trading Opportunities As Fast As One Billionth of a Second!

To better grasp and handle your trading activities, start using Revenue AI’s Zeta as an intelligent assistant. Make sure your trading activities run smoothly and get a chance to be informed about all prices through all platforms, and enrich the price data catalog 3X faster!

To learn more and start your new trading era with an intelligent assistant, get your demo and let us help you use the full spectrum of available opportunities to sustainably enable your growth!

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