Virtual COE augmentation

Trial Package

Probation trial for 8 weeks that includes 4 weeks of discovery and design for any challenge.

$ 15 000 max case

Pay Per use

Adoption driven virtual RGM COE with all necessary elements for you RGM to be actionable.

$10 000 - $15 000 per year + $0,1 per request

Per Assistant

Virtual COE Licence

Fix cost for RGM COE apps connected to your regional strategy.

$75 000- $100 000 per year depending on Module

Per Module

RAI Revenue Management Platform

Trial Package

What is different in our platform? Try it our for yourselves. Provide us with your dataset and we will return results to you on your challenges.

For Up to 10 million background simulations

Pay Per use

On-demand use of our RGM platform based on your needs. Hosted in our cloud we can provide you insights on the fly while you can focus on business strategy and execution.

RAI Licence

Our modules can be used separately at fix cost. All features included from Dashboards to Simulations to Data Unification / Cleansing.

Extend your Revenue Management capacity

All the products that are not managed due to capacity issues? Even automating the wins per retailer and category is the dream of both manufacturers and retailers. Allow us to manage all of your products + promotions and more with our Virtual COE team. There is simply not enough workforce available to be able to manage it without AI automation.

We can make it happen.