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Revenue.AI Reveals their Revolutionary Vision on how AI Accelerates the RM Journey in a Volatile Environment.

It finally happened! The only global conference dedicated to FMCG and CPG companies took place in Amsterdam.

More than 20 influential speakers shared their innovative insights, practical roadmaps, and real-life methods to boost pricing and RGM projects with an interested audience of 100+ attendees.

By delivering masses of valuable information, the speakers helped the forum gain 98% attendee satisfaction. And our significant contribution to this achievement should be noted!

Being the Gold Sponsor, we presented a revolutionary topic dedicated to how Artificial Intelligence accelerates the revenue management journey in today’s volatile environment. Our presentation taught the attendees to cleanse and consolidate data to get data-driven insights.

We also revealed how and why the virtual CoE accelerates price alerting, scenarios building and recommendations, and gives you from 5 to 7% incremental profit enablement.

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