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Fragmented & traditional RGM strategies leave revenue on the table

 Activate Cognitive AI-driven pricing success in an era of change and uncertainty

Fortune 500 companies use Revenue.AI to elevate their pricing and revenue management

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Are you dealing with this challenges?

Manual data crunching that slows you down

Limited organizational agility

Knowledge gaps and limited human capital

Disconnect between RGM strategies and execution

Difficulty in forecasting and planning

What if you could clear these roadblocks & make 10x faster pricing decisions with laser-sharp accuracy?

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One platform.
Endless possibilities.

Cover up to 80% of inflationary and material price pressures.

Outsmart your competitors with real-time insights.

Optimize 5 to 7.5% of your promo investments with RAI’s tools.

Unify 100% of your data in 4 weeks and break free from silos.

Cut your operational costs by 25%

Increase your promo ROI by 11%.


Sales Performance Tracking

Transform your sales performance tracking with AI for real-time KPI monitoring.

COGS Management

Safeguard profit margins with predictive COGS management.

Portfolio Optimization

Balance the product pricing versus packaging with AI to drive profitability.

Digital Channel RGM

Instant DATA UNIFICATION engine that aggregates all data from digital channels for INFORMED RGM DECISIONS.

Mix Management

Streamline mix management with AI-driven efficiency and insights for market agility.

Inflationary Pricing

Harness AI-driven forecasting and dynamic pricing for agile inflationary response.

Retail Execution
Boost retail performance with AI-driven stock management, sales assortment measurement, and portfolio optimization.

Promotional Execution

Embrace proactive promotional execution with real-time AI adjustments.

Long Tail Revenue Growth

Unlock long-tail revenue with AI automation, dynamic pricing, and portfolio optimization.

Financial Planning

AI-driven financial planning offering personalized budgeting, investment, and debt management recommendations.

Capability Growth Copilot Enhance your RGM capabilities efficiently with the assistance of an AI-driven Copilot.

B2B Enterprise PaaS with Personalization Capabilities

20% OFF

If paid yearly

Starting From

$5,000 monthly

B2B Enterprise PaaS with Personalization Capabilities

20% OFF

If paid yearly

Starting From

$5,000 monthly

Meet Our Experts


Istvan Czilik


A five-time recipient of the Deloitte technology fast 50 awards. Data and Analytics Executive with 15+ years of experience in leading analytics disruption across various industries with global teams. Istvan has been driving business transformations in CPG, Retail, distribution, commodity trading, Life Sciences, and other industries. Worked with leading companies such as EY, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Cargill, Chevron, Shell, iQvia, Bayer, Novartis, Takeda and more.    

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Paweł Dadura


With 15 years of experience in driving data-first business transformations, Pawel has worked both with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. He has created products and services for Procter & Gamble, Credit Suisse, Pramerica, MasterCard, Estee Lauder and others and has been leading organization transformation in CPG, Finance, Commodity Trading and Hospitality industries.


Gergo Fenyes

Chief Data Scientist

With over 10 years of experience in leading analytics across various sectors, from banking to FMCG, Gergo is an economist, creator, and analytics architect who excelled in the analytical leadership of the Strategic Revenue Management solutions at Procter & Gamble.

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Asli Aslankalp

Revenue Management Consultant

Aslı is a finance and revenue management expert with 13 years of experience. She has worked at big companies like Deloitte, Unilever and PepsiCo. Aslı is always motivated by new challenges and new learning opportunities for both their career and professional life.

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