Revenue AI

An on-demand revenue growth management platform for a global market

Our mission is to augment business teams’ productivity with AI-enhanced Intelligent Assistant and apply our Revenue Management knowledge & industry best practices to support you in deploying the most thriving strategy for your business success.

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Turnkey Solution

Scalable & secure cloud-based RGM platform for your global & local delivery needs with built-in data unification features, advanced analytics algorithms and interactive dashboards for immediate start

Augmented Decision-making

Actionable recommendations to optimize your product portfolio & pricing / promo strategy to build profit margin & to maximise ROI with the help of scenario planning, mass simulations and external data catalogues

Combined Intelligence

Personalized / role – based RGM suggestions extended to field users by the Intelligent Assistant, as such eliminating the need of training since the AI will train the team

An AI and Big Data powered Digital Assistant to make faster, data-driven Revenue Management decisions in a global market

Consumer Packaged Goods

  • From Strategic to Real-time pricing.
  • Product portfolio management.
  • Minimize cannibalization.
  • Inventory optimization.
  • Best marketing mix.
  • Quantify your shopper insights.
  • Effective Customer Communication.
  • AI-based alerts and actionable reactions to market changes.
  • Breakdown silos and improve collaboration throughout your organization.

Medicine & Life Sciences

  • Manage brand portfolio pricing.
  • Find white space opportunities.
  • Rapidly simulate new products and price changes.
  • Best assortment strategies per retailer.
  • Deeper customers insights for tailored promotions.
  • Alerts to stop counterproductive actions.
  • Improve collaboration across all teams to focus on organizational priorities.

Commodity Trading

  • Streamlined and secure data collection from desk to field
  • Consolidation of various in-house and third-party sources under one central database
  • Enhanced insights with AI-fueled predictive analytics and "what-if" scenario modelling
  • 360-degree position visibility and risk exposure
  • Integration with back-office systems (e.g. SAP Hana)
  • Agile and customizable to your specific business needs. You have our ears.
  • Intelligent AI assistant by your side to quickly extract and share insights. And it learns from you!
  • Fast deployment either on premise, in the cloud or hybrid

Changing Revenue Management With AI In CPG

Portfolio Architecture

Track how consumers view your brand and identify new product opportunities to fill untapped niches and estimated market value.

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Precision Pricing

Get real-time data on your products, prices and media investment and conduct simulations to test probable impacts.

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Tailored Promotion

Get to know your customers better  to determine the most-effective personalized offline and online promotions to offer.

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Capable Organization

Our AI Chatbot and alerts provide all team members with actionable intelligence that otherwise requires years on the job.

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