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Consumer Goods

Drive your revenue growth with an AI-empowered pricing Platform that enhances your P&L statement and runs multiple scenarios to determine the right price for thousands of SKUs, in real-time.

Win the market with a power of cutting-edge technologies

Revenue.ai platform in combination with few AI driven virtual RAI copilot designed to support CPG (FMCG) companies with empowering the revenue management teams and disrupting decision faster, more accurate and efficient comparing to competition to a whole new level of performance becoming your PricingGPT platform if you wish


Margin growth

See the recommendations on pricing, with predictions on how price changes will impact your market share, volume, and margin.


Promo ROI growth

Design new promotions automatically and roll them out instantly embedded into your promo calendar.


Acceleration in pricing decision

Instantly price your products designed on patterns agreed on the business plans in alignment with market inputs and change if business changes within days/weeks.

Grow Teams Capabilities to Address CPG Industry Challenges


Growth margin is declining due to inflation of raw materials, need a quick solution to secure the gross margin (%,$) combining price, promo, product / country mix


Based on the data loaded (data unification); AI simulate the best possible scenario (Precision Pricing module) to secure Gross Margin (Profitable Mix Module) and Net Sales across all the modules available​, RGM Landscape analysis + Playbook creation


General Managers have limitation on SG&A budget and want to move revenue management forward and benefit from it without hiring new people and just have a high level specialist with a help of AI. Is it possible?

Yes, it is! We bring the power of AI together with deep domain expertise to help CPG companies recapture revenue growth potential .

With our turn key solution you can:

Track your company performance in real time, even on a go via Microsoft Teams or WhatsApp

Faster rollout and delivery of prices while the curves are generated automatically in line with predefined KPI’s and MDM.

Minimized manual lifecycle by automating decisions and the entire process from gathering the prices, to formalizing the curves.

Enhance your RGM journey with Revenue.AI

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