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Tailored AI agile delivery in months, not years. 
Simplify every step of your agile journey with our agile transformation services and augmented AI.

Every Business Needs Automation to Accelerate

Transform and scale your business with our comprehensive agile services and products.

Increase project
success rate by 25%.

Accelerate time to market by 55%.
Find opportunities to innovate.
Support your employees to work faster and better with the same digital tools and methods for your teams and vendor teams.
Boost productivity and cut costs by aligning internal and external teams on one process.

Revenue.AI assists your agile transformation. At every step of the way.

1. Agile Transformation Kick-off

Kicking-off an agile transformation can be challenging.

Starting an agile transformation is like solving a complex puzzle. You can easily miss a piece or place it wrong.

We can help you put the pieces together and start your agile journey with precision and confidence. 

We help you build and augment PMO/LACE Teams that create the lasting changes that allow your organization to focus on value, while continuously improving.
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SAFe Consulting
We help you adopt SAFe by setting goals, measuring success, staffing your agile group, and launching your agile teams.
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Scaled Agile Landscape Analysis Development
You can’t fix what you don’t know. We identify, assess, and propose solutions so you have a clear path to scale.
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2. Deliver MVPs in 3 months

Combine Agile and AI to create customer-centric MVPs faster than ever.

The synergistic relationship between Agile and AI allows organizations to boost efficiency, project quality, and innovation. And this can happen faster than ever before. Imagine delivering MVPs in 3 months, not years. 

By combining Agile practices with AI, that’s now possible. But integrating Agile and AI successfully is no easy feat. That’s where Revenue.AI can step in. 


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3. Improve Continously

Retrace your steps and improve.

We provide all the training, tools, and coaching you need to identify, monitor, experiment, and improve future iterations. 

Scaled Agile Landscape Assesment
Our coaches meet you where you are in your journey. Then, identify, assess, and help you improve.
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AI Agile Copilots and Coaches
Bridge the gap between skills and tools. Consolidate all agile data into a single digital coach and help your teams grow and improve.
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Our Experts


Aniko Lelovics

Agile Coach | Consultant | Transformation Lead

Aniko is a proactive, outcome-driven leader with over 12 years of experience in successfully delivering high-profile software development projects from scratch. She has a track record of embedding robust agile practices across organizations and teams to collaboratively and continuously improve ways of working and responsiveness to customers. A champion of continual progress for businesses, she takes action to help them reach their full potential. Driven by her passion for digital delivery and her instinct for people, she aims to bring inspiration to every business and team she works with, making innovation a daily habit. 🚀 She specializes in helping startups and scale-ups accelerate by encouraging customer-centric MVP delivery. She creates custom delivery frameworks that enable autonomy and accountability, remove waste, optimize remote ways of working, and increase predictability. Her pragmatic approach to problem-solving and active listening allows her to create fit-for-purpose solutions according to her clients’ needs. She has helped companies such as Sky Sports, Ladbrokes, TUI, and Fourth Hospitality launch digital products and increase revenue growth by accelerating delivery.


Martin Lisy

Agile Coach | RTE | Enterprise Transformation, Business Agility,, and OKR Coach

Martin Lisy is an Enterprise Transformation, Business Agility, OKR Coach, RTE, and Kanban Coaching Professional with over 30 years of business experience. He has worked as a Tivoli middleware engineer, a regional CTO at IBM, and an Agile Coach in various industries, including finance, fintech, B2B payments, automotive, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and manufacturing. He specializes in mid-to-large scale transformations, business strategy, flow optimization, customer-centricity processes, and culture transformations. He is also an outcome-oriented leader who cares about the psychology of change and the well-being of the people involved in transformations. He is the author of three IBM Redbooks and the recipient of several leadership awards, such as the “Best of IBM” for leading IBM’s expansion to Africa and the Middle East

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