Meet ZETA: Your AI Commodity Trading Intelligence Copilot.

ZE and Networking in Geneva

In Energy and Commodity Sectors

ZE and Revenue.AI have partnered to offer enhanced data solutions for companies in the energy and commodity markets. With expertise in data quality and data-intensive processes, we help clients navigate complex markets, optimize workflows, and leverage ZEMA’s Cloud Data Platform and RAI Generative AI Capabilities.

Three-Stage Challenges in Enterprise Data Management

Data Extraction and Integration

Handling large-scale data extraction, harmonization, and aggregation from multiple sources and formats is complex, often leading to inconsistent and incomplete datasets that require extensive validation.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Implementing effective analytics, data transformation, ML/AI insights, and sophisticated reporting is difficult. Organizations face issues with manual data manipulation being error-prone and a lack of advanced tools that can unveil deep insights.

Data Portability and Consistency

Achieving seamless data portability across the enterprise is a challenge due to data residing in disparate systems without interoperability. This leads to inconsistent calculations and the absence of a unified source of truth, complicating data querying and usage.

Solving Data Management Challenges with Our Advanced Modular Cloud-Based Solutions

Expertly Supported by Domain SMEs

Our Combined solutions cater to the unique needs of each role:

Risk Managers

Providing real-time data, we boost risk assessment accuracy and speed up daily VaR calculations, utilizing automated reporting and the proactive anomaly detection via Copilot alerting.

Middle Officers

Automating data aggregation enhances real-time visibility into trade positions and risk exposure, speeding up Middle Office efficiency. The Copilot automates data validation and unification for streamlined operations.


Automating data aggregation for traders boosts real-time visibility into positions. The Copilot supports the identification of profitable trade opportunities and geographical arbitrage across 1,400 sources.

Quantitative & BI Analysts

By automating the ETL process, we're providing real-time, accurate, and normalized data that is self-learning and analysis-ready for BI tools or quantitative modeling enhanced with a generative AI Copilot.

ZE and Revenue.AI Engagement Options:
Empowering Your Data Strategy

Assessment and Roadmap Development

Engage with subject matter experts to assess your needs and establish a strategic roadmap to empower your data objectives.

Data Acquisition and Governance

Receive guidance on acquiring the best data and establishing robust data governance to accelerate your data journey.

Data Curation and Unification

Learn how to curate and unify your data to transform it into a reliable asset for your organization.

AI Center of Excellence

Gain access to cutting-edge AI technology and insights to generate business value through the AI Center of Excellence

Scalable Platform for Growth

Utilize a scalable platform designed to support and sustain your long-term market data needs and related business processes.

AI-empowered Data Products

Benefit from data products enhanced with AI for improved pre and post-trading activities.

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