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Business Case

Transforming Business Operations

With Copilot Insights

In numbers:​ 
Visibility on all 10k+ own products 
Visibility on 100k+ competitor products  
100% access to pricing information, delivered instantly 

Business Challenge:

The consumer goods giant faced significant challenges as its users’ encountered difficulties in accessing pricing information promptly for their respective channels and categories, particularly during meetings or time-sensitive situations.  

This lack of rapid access to pricing data resulted in missed opportunities, as it made it challenging to identify correlations between products and channel portfolios. Moreover, the company struggled to manage unexpected changes in its portfolio, which required considerable resources when dealing with highly volatile SKUs.  

Consequently, these resource-intensive processes affected profit margins, making them susceptible to fluctuations. The inability to access real-time pricing data and efficiently manage product portfolios hampered the company’s ability to make timely and informed decisions, impacting overall revenue and profitability. 


Through our collaboration with the consumer goods giant, we have successfully established an AI-driven Copilots team, delivering transformative capabilities, including: 

  • Instant visibility at your fingertips: Our solution provided an overview of 10k+ products as well as the competitive landscape, encompassing over 100k of competitor products. This heightened visibility empowers the consumer goods giant to make informed decisions with a deeper understanding of the market. 
  • Customized notifications: Users can subscribe to receive personalized notifications regarding price trends, volume, value, or other essential KPIs for any channel, category, and more, both for company’s own products and those of their competitors. These notifications are facilitated by the users’ Copilots, ensuring prompt updates on outstanding patterns or critical data. 
  • Real-time In-meeting Insights: Our Copilots enable users to seek answers to a broad spectrum of questions, ranging from the simplest to the most complex topics, during meetings or anytime they require fast data access. 
  • Knowledge Base Integration: Users benefit from constant updates on internal news and a knowledge base that is seamlessly integrated within the solution. This feature empowers the company’s employees with a wealth of information at their fingertips, further enhancing decision-making and promoting continuous learning.


Solution Suite:

The Transformation:

Through our collaboration with the consumer goods giant, we have facilitated a transformative shift in their business operations and decision-making processes, accomplished by establishing a virtual team of Copilots and implementing cutting-edge capabilities: 

  • Instant Visibility and Deeper Market Understanding: The consumer goods giant gained instant access to critical insights, with an overview of over 10k products and a comprehensive ecosystem of more than 100k competitor products. This heightened visibility allowed them to make informed decisions with a profound understanding of the market dynamics, leading to improved strategic planning and market positioning. 
  • Personalized and Timely Notifications: Our solution enabled users to subscribe to personalized notifications, receiving updates on price trends, volume, value, and essential KPIs for any channel or category, both for the company’s own products and those of competitors. These timely alerts, delivered by Copilots, empowered users to stay ahead of the competition and quickly respond to market changes. 
  • Enhanced Decision-making in Real-time: The implementation of our Copilots provided users with an invaluable resource during meetings or any other instance, enabling them to seek real-time answers to a wide range of questions, from simple inquiries to complex topics. This facilitated agile and data-driven decision-making, driving operational efficiency and adaptability. 
  • Continuous Learning and Informed Decision-making: By seamlessly integrating an extensive knowledge base and internal news updates within the solution, the consumer goods giant’s employees gained access to a wealth of information. This integration empowered them to stay updated with the latest industry trends, fostering continuous learning and fostering better-informed decision-making across the organization. 

Transformation Results:

  • Instant visibility on 10k+ own products and 100k+ competitor product ecosystem. 
  • Personalized notifications for price trends, volume, value, and other KPIs for any channel or category, delivered by Copilots. 
  • Real-time in-meeting answers to queries for fast data access. 
  • Constant updates from an integrated knowledge base, providing internal news and promoting continuous learning. 

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Solution Suite:

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