About Revenue AI

Revenue AI combines Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to create a smart “Digital Assistant” capable of dramatically enhancing Revenue Growth Management (RGM) initiatives in organizations of any size. Presently, our modules support organizations in the CPG, Retail, and Lifesciences.

Revenue AI provides you access to “data on demand” so your teams interact real-time making faster, data-driven decisions to optimize revenue, locally and globally.

Where many data science teams are using multiple products stitched together, Revenue AI combines all of the requisite components in a single seamless platform. Moreover, the data is stored in one location enabling complete traceability and transparency of data and processes for your data scientists.

Survival in today’s market increasingly depends upon making effective use of data and being able to respond swiftly to market changes and challenges. We believe that decisions about organizational revenue should remain in the hands of professionals. The “data on demand” capabilities of our Digital Assistant means your team spends far less time analyzing data and more on gaining valuable market insights to make informed decisions and execute changes in near Real-Time.

Our Vision and Mission

We believe that every industry can exploit the available data to respond real-time to their business challenges and we are focusing to make it happen for anyone.

Meet Our Team


Disruptive Data & Analytics Leader
Five-time Deloitte technology “Fast 50 winner.”


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Disruptive Data & Analytics Leader